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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Poem for my Mama

This morning I closed my eyes
breathed in deeply
and searched.

I searched for that piece of me
of who I really am,
how I began

to breathe,
to love,
to be.

I remembered joy,
            smiling from ear to ear,
            and you.

I remembered you, Mama,
            sharing with me the wonder
            of snow made into ice cream
            a thin book of mud pies
            and coloring a tree
            with me, side by side -

my mama and me
just being

And I remember a Saturday night
in the house on Kenyon
just you and me

some late night movie 
playing in black and white
and me brushing your hair.

I marveled at my pretty mama
and you laughed
because you had no make-up.

I didn’t understand
how you could not know

you’re beautiful.

You are

and such a part of me,
how I began,
and who I will always be.


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  3. I wrote this in January, but want to share again for my Mama on Mother's Day. I love you, Mama! :)