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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fabulous News!

Dr. Talbert, breast surgeon extraordinaire, called me yesterday afternoon with the pathology report. At the time, I was enjoying a deluxe pedicure with my mom and my niece, Dani. The report - no cancer in the lymph nodes! :)  The cancer she removed measured 1 1/4 cm - qualifying it as Stage One.  I will still have both radiation and 6 months of chemo therapy. But Dr. Talbert believes I'm a good candidate for the short course of radiation - that means 5 days rather than 3 weeks. Presently, I'm waiting to hear from Dr. Toma, oncologist, or at least someone in her office, to set up my first appointment with her. I still don't know which will come first, radiation or chemo. I'm back to that waiting period before beginning the next leg of this strange journey.

I will still endure fatigue and hair loss, but I'm kinda looking forward to fun wigs, hats, and scarves. :)

I recently made a new Vision Board - and in the lower right hand corner, included an image of healthy breast cells. How do I know what they look like? I googled images for "healthy breast cells." And this was the prettiest one.

So... visualization is a nice strategy to use in prayers and pursuing life goals, I believe. Around the middle of the board are three figures climbing a ladder. They represent me and you. Seriously. Helping each other as we face challenges and overcome hard times on our way to... ? Who knows. I just know that I am blessed to have lots of help getting there. I hope to be that kind of help for you and others when the need arises.

In the meantime, thank you for good thoughts, positive energy, light, and prayers. God is good.


  1. I just want to cry, I am so happy!
    As long as you have to have something sucky like cancer, I am grateful for your amazing attitude and early detection and treatment.
    You are a truly inspiring educator, woman and friend. Everyone whose life you touch is better for it. <3

  2. God is good. Your positive attitude and vision is inspirational. So thankful for the news.


  3. I want to know more about vision boards. I am so happy for your good news, but I am most thankful for your positive outlook. I practiced this when I recently faced with a colon biopsy. The sample was clear of cancer, but I have to test again in three years. In the meantime, I plan to work on my diet and my vision board (when I find out what one is.) Thanks.

  4. Margaret,
    If you haven't already, just google, "Vision Boards." Skim the info - there's tons out there. I got the idea from watching a video, The Secret. It was also on Oprah - a long time ago. It's not hard. :) Thanks for your ever encouraging comments! :)