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Monday, June 11, 2012

So, I have this little cancer thing...

Before I even knew about the little cancer thing, I went to my annual visit to my ob/gyn and had my annual mammogram. Pretty routine by now. Except that after you turn 50, they add a little more to your routine - not two appoints, but around 5. Bone density, colonoscopy, and if you have allergies, well there are other options. Mom says that once you turn 50, it' all maintenance from there on. Egads.

I've been wanting to blog for a long time now... to move myself into a habit of daily writing. I'm thinking I have important ideas about teaching and parenting and being a friend - ideas that others might want to read about. But I also need a habit in order to finish that darn thesis of mine. Plus, I love the idea of reaching out and sharing my voice with your voices. Connecting.

So... now, I have another reason - cancer. I'm not that afraid, but I am a little. But if I blog, I can talk less and inform more. I'm blessed with lots of folks who are my family and friends. And that means I have to tell the same story over and over and over. That's a little exhausting. Not that you can't ever ask me, please do. It's just that I might reply, "Updated info has been posted on my my blog."  LOL! What a way to build up my reader-ship. :)

Here is what I know today:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - second imaging revealed a spot and need for ultra sound. Dr. Mitchell, radiologist recommended a biopsy - and prepared me - at the time it looked like cancer.

Thursday, June 7, 2012 - Dr. Mitchell called and said pathology reported cancer, grade 2 (not stage - that pathology info is to come).

Friday, June 8, 2012 - MRI revealed good news: no other spots or cancer in my breasts. I was also tested for BRCA2, an abnormal gene that runs in the Grabow side of my family. That info will inform my surgeon, Dr. Beverly Talbert, and me about next steps.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - I will meet Dr. Beverly Talbert and learn more. 

That's all I know today, that and I have a lot of good folks praying for me. I also know, that I'm going to be okay. :)  I've survived other challenges and I know lots of survivors who already inspire me view challenges as opportunities for spiritual growth.

Don't even think this is going to make me less political. Like I told Father Jack, "A girls gotta have goals."

Life is Good!

P.S. Look for my next post: "Rose Discarded." It's a draft of a poem I began on a Writing Marathon. Ironic that I wrote it then and it seems to be about this now. Not about death, but aging. :)


  1. Welcome to the club that nobody wants to join. I am four years past diagnosis, three years out of treatment. Let me know if I can offer any kind of support. : )

    1. Ramona, Yes... I will be asking you lots of questions. The number one I have at the moment: How did your working life go as you negotiated your treatments?

    2. Yes, but you are a survivor. This is just a bump in the road. I hardly even think of my own experience anymore, and that was only four years ago. Dr. Talbert was my surgeon. You couldn't ask for a better one. I hope you will get Dr. Aleda Toma for your oncologist.

  2. Shelly, I'm so glad you have joined this great fun writing world of blogging. Please go to Two Writing Teachers and participate in the Tuesday Slice of Life. It gets you an automatic nice audience of fellow teachers. They are
    My blog is
    Now about the little cancer thing: I'm praying and sending positive feminine energy your way. I know you can do this, but I'm sorry that you have to.

    1. Thank you Margaret! I checked out twowritingteachers in April, but was unable to participate in the poem a day thing you were doing. I will re-check out that spot. Thanks for the info and for your prayers and postitive feminine energy! :)

  3. I'd be shaking in my boots and if you are, then you aren't alone. But you can do this. You have an amazing family and unshakable faith. Cancer should fear you.
    I hope I get to see you soon~ in the meantime, good thoughts (and what the heck) I'll say a prayer for you.
    Love ya!

  4. I hope that you get better ms. unsicker :)

  5. Oh Shelly, I'm holding you in light, dear. My sister is a 12-year-veteran. And I was scared to death for her -- you're crazy if you're NOT scared. You have such a good strong will, a wonderful heart, and all the love in the world surrounding you. I'll say a Buddhist mantra for you -- and send you all the healing light I can muster. I'll be reading...

    BIG hugs ~